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Turquoise Paneled Wall

The Carnival of Collectables Home Show & Outdoor Market

April 29 through May 8th

The Future is Vintage

Come join us all week long as we celebrate your Home! Stop in and get some inspiration for any upcoming home projects you have, see a demonstration or two, buy some fantastic antiques and come shop our outdoor market on May 7 & 8 filled with over 40 vendors!

Demonstrations & Workshops


How to rewire a lamp Demonstration

Simple Drywall Repair - Tips & Tricks

Demonstrations Begin April 29th

Make & Take Events

Why a Home Show at an Antique Mall?

  • Buying antique / vintage furniture and home decor encourages “going green”  You get to show off how stylish antiques really are without adding to the world’s carbon footprint.

  • Buying antique, recycling and upcycling interior design materials, furniture, and housewares can decrease landfill waste. Despite the age of antique furniture, they are known for their quality and can last for decades so you don’t replace your furniture as often, and that means less manufacturing pollution.

  • Buying from antique malls is less harsh on your pocket. Plus, the pieces you buy usually increase in value over time.

  • You are supporting local businesses in the community. Locally owned businesses give communities a unique character, and nothing screams “unique” like antique.

  • Antique malls are not having supply chain issues.

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